Tuesday, September 20, 2005


The man behind the web site and his tremendously cute pup.

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I periodically google my data to see if anyone is linking to my blog. This is part of the underground work of running a blog. Google is an uncertain platform since it uncovers only a slight skim of one's work but it can be useful, still. The other night, to my surprize, I found out about this web page: 49 Media: Camera Obscura. This site has a spider that crawls all around the web, seeking photos and media data, webcasts, etc. Then the person running the place organizes them. About a month ago, the spider snagged the picture of Richard showing him as the British Lion wih a Brit flag Tee shirt. That was a hit, evidently, with visitors to 49 Media and so it showed up in google!

I sent 49 Media an email and a cartoon:
and in a few hours, he replied with a photo of himself and his companion. In turn, it became the basis for a cartoon.

Drawing cartoons: I used to make my living doing this way back in the Ice Ages called "the Summer of Love" etc, in San Francisco and the Bay Area (housing costs caused many moves back in the vagabond days). It was a great way to make money as a student, better than waiting on tables. Then I had to get serious after leaving school. Reviving cartooning skills has been harder than I thought, expecially using a strange format, the Wacom pad. Looking up while scribbling down is hard work, I tell you! Gradually, it is getting better.

The stick figures are for quick pictures because I can do them in less than half an hour each. The more elaborate drawings can draw out for hours if I get really involved in them. Usually, I try to time it to under an hour. The photo cartoons are done in about five minutes each but seeking out photos is the time consuming part.

I usually use Yahoo photos and slideshowsto find pictures. They have a multi-level site that is easy to use if you have a high speed connection like I have. This is the only way to do heavy picture work. I used to have dial up years ago. Time crawled so much, I would play solitaire while waiting for simple downloads and pictures really messed it up.

Most blogs are text right now, if they have pictures, it is very limited. Most cartoon sites do one or fewer a day and I generally pop at least three a day onto the web. Some of them are buried within the stories. Sometimes I feel only cartoons can tell what is going on because it is so ridiculous, so stupid, stick figures are insulted by it all. Gads.

Anyway, welcome to 49 Media and let the blogs spread like molasses over a carpet! We will get everyone stuck!

Reading and looking.

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