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From Noel Adamson
Tweedle Dee-Tweedle Dum and the new American Gestapo

Suddenly the the entrenched dogmatic party line Democrats all love the CIA, that most evil of U.S. fascist organizations. Responsible for murdering peasants from Chile to Angola to Vietnam and back. Responsible for smuggling billions of dollars worth of dope into this country since their inception after WW2, taking that job over from the OSS who revived the Sicilian Mafia, which had been done away with by Mousolini's Fascist government. These drugs have been distributed here amongst our own peasants notably the coke brought into the country in a joint endeavor of the CIA and the "Contra" death squads, formerly Nicaraugan dictator Samoza's brutal enforcers.

This sudden love of the CIA and it's long term extreme right agenda is of course for short term political expediency. Karl Rove and the exposure of Valerie Plame.

The Democrats have always jumped on Republican bandwagons but it has gotten worse with the decline of the Democratic Party, or the decline of the Democratic party has followed it's Republicanization. Take your pick. More workers were thrown out in the street during the Clinton administration than any Republican administration, more indigent welfare recipients lost their benefits and were thrown out in the streets and more people were moved from the streets to America's gargantuain prison system. This is the largest prison system on earth. No Democrat will address this issue any more than any Republican will address this issue. They live in the same Ivory Tower and live off the blood of the same peasants as each other.

Fuck the Democrats they are traitors just as surely as the Republicans are.

The police are just as brutal, corrupt and clueless as to actually protecting us in Los Angeles as they are in Birmingham. The federal government is just as brutal, corrupt and clueless as to actually protecting us from "terrorists" and other enemies under Democratic regimes as Republican ones. Both are willing to sit around debating inane things such as gay marriage and medical pot while planes fly into our populated areas on suicide missions that few can understand the motives for since none of the law makers and arm chair politicians would give their lives for anything. Certainly not their country or religion.

If you think the thinning veil of the Republican propaganda machine will lead to the end of the Republican fascist regime and reinstall the Democratic fascist regime revisit central America under the Readan (first Bush) regime; John Negroponte, death squads terrifying the peasants in the night dragging them off to torture, murder and display their mutilated bodies. Dead nuns, priests and suspension of even the crooked elections that were/are the usual fare there. The facade of democracy is surely about to disolve and be swept away. But not replaced by real freedom or democracy and freedom but the new SS; John Negropontes new internal American Gestapo. If you are looking to the Democrats to save us from the Republicans, forget it. Listen to Randi Rhoads if it makes you feel any better as I do. Sign John Conyers petitions as I do but don't expect democracy and freedom in your life time.
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I have interacted with Noel for years now. He is a font of information especially Vietnam era stuff that is murky, at best.

Like so many readers and writers in the blogshpere, he is amazing and we would have never learned of his experiences if it weren't for the web! This draws together such a diverse group of people and instead of feeling isolated and even a little insane, we know we are right, instead!

And we have all the data on the web, too. I can pull up all sorts of family stuff on the web since my own family is somewhat infamous. And we can all find old information, data and stories and the history of many things just by clicking on the correct combination of words, do note that varying the order of words and adding or subtracting one or two alters the information that is scooped up.

I grew up feeling as if most of myself was missing. Finding out about myself was a real challenge. Retracing my own parent's paths was a huge undertaking. At one dedication ceremony for my dad, I kept yelling from the audience, "Hey, dad, tell them about the cave!" and my father would say, "Shut up!" and one officer sitting next to me said, "My god, you know so much." I then said, "Know any stories? Tell me!"

So he told me about how my dad came into his workplace in April, 1945, he was working for Hitler, and shot a gun in the air and announced, "Do you want to come with me or go with Uncle Stalin? The Russians will be here in an hour." Everyone jumped up and ran to my dad and surrendered. Heh. He was alone except for his driver!

(from Noel's blog, my comment there)
Yah! Right on!

I said for years and years and years, disband the CIA and open their record vault. You should see MY files there!

You can't, of course, not even with the Freedom of Information Act. Ruppert tried, even. He couldn't.

To continue....when the students took over our embassy in Iran, they discovered paperwork by the ton detailing how nearly the entire embassy was filled with CIA operatives! Indeed, our Russian one, for example was ONLY CIA operatives. And the Russians knew this.

I used to joke, they know more about the CIA than our own Presidents. Until Bush Sr came along. Then I gloomily said, the CIA took over America. Then Putin took over Russia. Gads.

Hate them all.

But the stupid law Rove broke is one designed to stop CIA whistle blowers. It now is stopping a CIA manipulator trying to do a black ops job on America.

Fuck him!

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From Ripley's Zen Cabin:
The Problem of Peace

Another brilliantly produced, albeit late, podcast. Ty Winnzirven investigates Operation Yellow Elephant and digs their theme song, Brit Hume joins the ranks of Tom DeLay and Bill Frist, and I lay down some righteous talk about Peace.

The Problem of Peace

Two Passages from Tao Te Ching
Presidental Radio Address – 7/9/05
The Problem of Peace | Albert Schweitzer (Nobel Lecture)

Holy Diver | Dio
FM | Steely Dan
Get Me Out of Here | Jet
Age of Loneliness | Enigma
Wannabe | Spice Girls
Say You’ll Be There | Spice Girls
Preludio (Introducao) | Bachianas Brasileiras No. 4, Heitor Villa-Lobos
Ain’t That a Kick In the Head | Dean Martin


Rip -

Editor: This is a fun website, Riply plays great rock music and his changes of voice...very talented. The broadcast is clear as a bell and funny as hell. I hope you all bookmark this place and visit frequently.

I know I shall.