Monday, August 15, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Our good friend here, Noel, isn't the only real vet from a real shooting war that the chickenhawks are harassing and trying to intimidate!

From Artic Beacon:
Don Stout looked up into the Midwestern sky one afternoon two weeks ago and saw a strange helicopter flying over his five-acre piece of land in rural Albany, Ohio.

Before he knew what happened, the 77-year-old long-time resident, law-abiding citizen and Korean War veteran had eight law enforcement officials swarm on his property, checking the place out for marijuana.

Never before having a run-in with the law, Stout said the heavy-handed looking group of law enforcement thugs “came and went without saying a word” after suspiciously looking at a large bush on his property not in the slightest bit resembling a pot plant.

“I’ve been here since 1994 and everybody’s knows me including the sheriff. I never smoked marijuana and they know it, but I think they just like terrorizing people,” said Stout in a telephone conversation from his rural home, adding he still hasn’t received an answer from anyone why law enforcement officials invaded his privacy and entered his land without a proper search warrant.

“It scared the hell out of me as eight or ten men swarmed my place. I was weeding my garden and the next thing you know, they were on my property, looked at this bush and left without saying a word. It was ridiculous, but the sheriff, the deputy sheriff and the game warden all raided my place for no reason and I am still looking for an explanation.”

Although Stout can’t pinpoint why authorities entered his property without a warrant, earlier that day he aired his strong opinions against President Bush, calling him an outright liar, on a free speech and truth-telling talk radio show on the popular WAIF AM770 local radio station.

Stout said he has been calling in regularly voicing his anti-Bush opinions, saying people in rural Ohio are finally starting to wake up to lies, deceit and treachery imposed on the American people by what he calls a “lying dog of a President.’
I have a message to all the right wingers running America: real vets from real wars aren't all that easy to scare. Nor is Cindy easily intimidated. Nor am I, for that matter.

From the Christian Science Monitor
Americans, it seems, would just as soon ignore the fact that 150,000 of our troops remain stationed in Iraq; that tens of thousands of Iraqi men, women, and children have died in the crossfire; that some inadvertently have been gunned down at checkpoints where American troops - fearful, with good reason, of suicide attacks - sometimes shoot first and ask questions later; that the tens of billions of dollars we're investing there each year could handily cover health insurance for the millions of uninsured American children. And that even so, corruption in Iraq is rampant, unemployment stands near 50 percent, electricity is off more than on, and that nearly two years after the end of "major combat" reporters are still writing about the dangerous drive from the Baghdad airport to the Green Zone a few miles away.

If the US government has figured out an exit plan, it's not telling us what it is. No. The message is strictly hail to the chief and let freedom ring.
You know, whenever anyone "remembers" this stupid war and posts pictures of soldiers being burned to tiny fragments, civilians being tortured or dying, children being blown up, we are attacked by our own government. We are harassed and harried. So it is no wonder only a small handful dare to stand up at this point.

But the numbers are now in our favor. The majority of Americans want to pull out now and they are 100% right but they aren't demonstrating because frankly, it is not only very dangerous, look at the guy shooting guns near Cindy while snarling at her and getting away with it! It is also useless since our media won't cover any of this except for Cindy, again, and she did us all a great favor, she is my personal hero right now, for doing it all where all those over fed, overpaid media whores are stuck, in boring Crawford, with nothing to cover except for Cindy!

Ha. So they were forced into this, thanks to her intelligent choices. Like mooing cows, they graze around her.

I remember organizing demonstrations against the Vietnam war. We yelled, we screamed, we stopped traffic and the cops and everyone attacked us with great viciousness. People who would have loved to come stayed home due to fear of arrest or death. This is why the established powers attacked even the smallest demonstrations.

Then they had to pull the student deferments because of the riots in the inner cities made drafting the poor there a lost cause. And draftees in Nam were fragging officers and rebelling, too. The very day the student deferments were pulled, my office was besieged with students begging for help.

That week, for the first time, we had an anti war demonstration of many thousands, all these students and their moms and sisters. This is what people remember. The easy days, when everyone didn't want to go including Bush and Cheney and Rummy and all the GOP leaders and many in the Pentagon today, none of them wanted to go and die in Nam and they didn't and we did the simple thing in the end: we pulled out and lost the war.

And that stopped the deaths. So simple. Of course, the natives continued to fight each other until that stopped when one side won. This is how it works in the real world. You fight until you retreat or win. If we want to fight to win, we have to complete our Nazification and simply murder all the Iraqis and complete the theft of their country.

Which was the whole point in the first place: to get the oil.

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