Sunday, August 14, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Readers of the comments sections here know that one of our reader/commentators here, Noel, was visited by a trio of Secret Service agents. He wrote a piece about how he hoped Bush would have a fair trial and a punishment of the sort Texans love: execution. Namely, because of grave war crimes which are, to my mind, identical to the ones that allowed us to sentence Hitler's underlings to death, be applied in this case.

Of course, unlike Nazi Germany, we haven't been invaded and defeated...yet. So Bush can go on his happy, psychopathic, way.

The odd thing is, even today, at Atrios, for example, more than one poster wanted to put Bush on trial in the Hague and then apply Texan justice to him, if convicted. If the Secret Service had another 10,000 people to investigate all the people saying this, they would have to work 24/7 to keep up with the tidal wave of people here and overseas who want to see Bush and his neo-cons put on trial and punished appropriately.

Bush holds the American record for executing people in this century. Why would he be troubled by people who enthusiastically want this applied in his case? He should be rooting and tooting everyone who wants to see him put on trial and executed if found guilty. Why, we should all get the Medal of Freedom like the CIA director who snoozed before during and after 9/11 and who enabled Bush to lie about invading Iraq which is part of the charges against him, namely, the CIA winner of this Medal of Freedom is a co-conspiritor in the crime of making excuses for invading innocent countries which is what we charged the Nazis with after WWII and we hung them by the neck, a very Texan thing, don't you think?

Why is Bush shy about this matter? He and his fellow criminals should be estatic that we are all desiring a law abiding solution to the problem of greedy men seeking war profits and stealing natural resources of other people, seeing them put on trial for this since this is why the UN was created, to stop this garbage and stop illegal, nasty, thieving invasions and I do hope the Secret Service is reading this article!

Because Bush has a long history with the short arm of the law, namely, he has broken a significant number of laws and has been arrested more than once and his powerful daddy helped smooth over and cover up his considerable criminal past and why is this person who couldn't pass a Secret Service investigation if he wanted to work in the White House, be in the White House?

Indeed, the excuse of "well, I am on vacation all the time so I am not working so the SS doesn't need to investigate," well.

They should have investigated Bush before 2000. They should have uncovered the hidden and not so hidden arrest records. They could have spoken out about letting an obvious criminal take the helm in America. The fact that they worry about us bloggers talking about putting Bush on trial and then punishing him appropriately" is insulting to us real citizens who are law abiding.

Indeed, I was arrested exactly once. For jaywalking. Not cocaine dealing or drunk driving or stealing like Bush. Jaywalking. And I wasn't even charged, it was a front so the FBI could get my fingerprints. They tried to charge me with "inciting a riot" only I told the rioters to not riot so they had to drop that charge.

So there. Visit Treason Inc. for more details about Noel's chit chat with the SS. And if you want, tell them about this story. How many times I suggested that Bush be treated like his grandpa's business partners after WWII: put on trial and then hung. Texan-style. Then he can get on with his life and so can we.

More or less.

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