Saturday, June 04, 2005


In the Old Brit's book -- this is BIG. (Note: Culture of Life News isn't surprised that this isn't in American media today, natch)

*** Robert McNamara, the US defence secretary at the time of the Cuban missile crisis, yesterday described the British and American approach towards nuclear weapons as "immoral, illegal and militarily unnecessary". ***

Sounds like strong stuff, eh?

Well, Mr McNamara's a man who's been around a long time. He's a man with a lot of first hand experience in such matters. He's a man who must know what he's talking about. Apparently, he's also a man who's not scared of making a 'stand'. He says it like he sees it - and wants everyone to know it.

So, it seems there's not much for the Old Brit to add today. Except, maybe to mention that Mr McNamara said this, too:

*** "The dangers and threats surrounding the 1962 Cuban missile crisis were similar to those which exist today," he said.

" About 2,000 US strategic nuclear weapons are on hair-trigger alert, ready to be fired in 15 minutes." ***

I doubt any of this will be mentioned much in the US mainstream. So maybe it's time get into overdrive again - and please start passing today's Old Brit, around. Pretty, pretty please.

Click the link below for the relevant article by Richard Norton-Taylor, just now published in this morning's 'Guardian' - Saturday, 4th June.

Guardian News Story about McNamara

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