Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Richard, One of Our Readers, Makes the Big Time Big Time!


Empty Suit Politician Walks into Propellor
Posted by James Wolcott
Based on what I saw on MSNBC (and congrats to them for going live), I would modestly venture that Norm Coleman and the Senate committee picked on the wrong guy when they picked on George Galloway (scroll down for "This Old Brit's"'s take). His rebuttal so exfoliated Coleman's short hairs that Fox News had to step in afterwards and downplay Galloway's rousing anti-Iraq war broadside as a rhetorical gambit.

God, does Galloway make our own representatives look mushmouthed and gutless.

05.17.05 11:48AM ยท LINK

Ok, everyone, congratulations, Richard!

You just made the big time here! Across the pond we savages salute ya! Tipple a stout for us, buddy! You richly deserve the recognition.

We hope everyone reads your blog. It is a great window into the people who speak English like us not like W.

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