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To my Blogger Friends: Please Pick this up on your blogs! We desperately need your help to not just get the word out but to get funds rolling in here to counter the HUGE war chest of the Religious Reich! Without EVERYONE'S help they will bury us! PLEASE! Pass this on to anyone who might post it and help us out!

To Molly and Steve: This old war horse may not be able to get in there and get her hands dirty like in the old days, but I’m doing what I can! You guys are really carrying things forward and going places! I would have never dreamed that we’d have come this far this fast when Michael, LJ, Andrea and I first put MECA together! You guys have made us proud! Keep up the good work and good luck with Dobson and the other monsters!

Julie & Andrea Johnson

1/2 Kracked Kup--This Time It Just Might
Break All The Way!


As I wrote this,?the Assembly Appropriations Committee had just passed?AB 19 by a 6-3 vote?”The Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act” , sponsored by Equality California and authored by Assemblyman Mark Leno .? The legislation will likely not be voted on soon but instead will go into suspense and be taken up again by the Committee during the last two weeks of May or even later. This is normal since the legislation will make a rather sizable economic impact on the state... it seems the the net will be a GAIN of some $30 MILLION a year (source )!

Then there is the crap our favorite outside agitator James Dobson is pulling! Not taking the hint for the humiliating defeat he suffered with his attempt to amend OUR California state constitution through legislative means, now that AB19 (The Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act)** is pretty much a sure thing to pass into law Dear Dork Dobson is pulling the bigots favorite tactic, the “off year election initiative end-run” where the Religious Reich, banking on low voter turn out in off years and their ability to fire up the TRUE BELIEVERS (why do they always have to capitalize that when they write it? **sigh**) and turn them out in huge numbers to pass their unbelievably draconian and bigoted constitutional amendment, put forth an initiative hoping to slip it past the majority of apathetic voters. This piece of... Of... My gods, words fail me... I hesitate to call it legislation for it reads more like a Biblical pronouncement! Here’s what EQCA says about it:

"Bottomline:? This amendment would go to the fullest extremes to strip every legal protection from our families.?? From health insurance and hospital visitation, to inheritance and medical leave rights, tens of thousands of diverse California families would lose protections they now have and would be left with no legal protections.? The amendment would prohibit same-sex marriage and strip the courts, cities, and every government agency of any ability to protect California familes not headed by a husband and a wife."

I’m SICK AND TIRED of being a second class citizen! But I’m too physically broken up and ill to get out there in the trenches and do what needs to be done. I have to count on you, my friends to let the country and the world know the danger we face here in California, right here, right now, THIS WEEK! Write to your newspapers, ask them to cover the way the way the religious fanatic outsiders are trying to take away our rights! Tell your friends! Let them know that a small group of OUTSIDE AGITATORS, Religious FANATICS, are working with BIG money from organized out of state sources who are working day and night to strip us of the hard won gains we have made here! We are just WEEKS from making our marriage laws equal for EVERYONE in the state by LEGISLATIVE MEANS! That will be the VERY FIRST time that has happened ANYWHERE in the country! And the Religious Right will do ANYTHING to make sure that this does not happen. That sort of precedent is something that they absolutely cannot allow to be set! If it is, it puts the lie to all the years of propaganda they have drummed into the minds of the American people. DO NOT LET JAMES DOBSON AND THE RELIGIOUS REICH DERAIL THIS MONUMENTAL LEGISLATION WITH HIS HATE BASED INITIATIVE! PLEASE!

I'm pleading with you as a friend, as someone you know and hopefully care about and for. Contact your friends and family, ask them to write and call our California State Assemblymen and any of our Equal Marriage Organizations and pledge your support. Help us to turn the balance away from the forces of bigotry and hate!

Under normal circumstances I would never trouble you or the rest of my friends from out of state or out of the country, but these are not the "usual" circumstances at all! Dobson is bringing to bare all the power of his national organization and their international allies! I’m relying on YOU my friends to make my dream of legally marrying Andrea come true! Please, please, PLEASE don’t let me down!

Thank you.

Your friend,

Julie Johnson
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