Friday, May 13, 2005

How THIS Old Brit Sees Things

(Editor--The Republicans in America are attacking a host of people for various reasons. Blair hates Galloway for running against the war in Iraq so Galloway is being attacked by Bush allies. What a mess!)

George Galloway ...

How many times can one man be crucified? By how many different, baying mobs? In how many different ways? And, how many times can such man come back?

The story of George Galloway, ex-New Labour MP and serial thorn in Bush & Blair's sides, may well provide the answers. Though not before this extraordinary political maverick's saga reaches it's final chapter -- which remains, as yet, unwritten. Let's hope when it is, the last word goes to Galloway -- NOT to Bush nor Blair. Long may their [self-inflicted] worst nightmare continue.

In today's 'Guardian' is what's possibly the least 'agenderised' and 'fairest' article on Galloway, I've seen. Penned by media commentator, Roy Greenslade -- amongst may other things -- this genuinely honest journalist freely admits the following.

** He [ Galloway ] has regularly sued for libel and, worse still in the eyes of journalists, has always won, sometimes handsomely. I must declare an interest here: I have also lost to him in a libel action; but, unlike many who have suffered similarly, I bear him no grudge. **

Oh, that I had either the time or the journalistic ability to write as well as Greenslade. Oh, that I had just one miniscule, milli-per-cent of Greenslade's readership. No matter; nowadays there's not that much need. Thanks to the modern miracle of the web and the bite of the blog, I can bring to an even wider readership, his every relevant word. To further whet your appetite, here's another clip & paste -- this time, his opening paragraphs .

** I come not to praise George Galloway but - unlike almost the entire media - not to bury him either. There will be many who snort contemptuously when I say that Galloway is now more sinned against than sinning because he has become so unpopular with both the media and political elites that they regard him as outside the normal rules of the game.

Indeed, to defend him places the defender beyond the pale too. But the victim of what has all the hallmarks of a media feeding frenzy deserves a fair hearing, not only for his personal benefit, but for those he now represents - and in order to confront journalists with their own misguided agendas.

In quick succession since his election victory last week in Bethnal Green and Bow, Galloway has been subjected to a television mauling by Jeremy Paxman, a radio sandbagging by the MP he defeated and a raft of newspaper headlines about a set of reheated allegations which he has not only strenuously denied but which ended with him winning a major libel action.

In spite of Galloway's court victory and the accumulated evidence in his favour, the BBC saw fit to lead its news bulletins yesterday with the story of supposedly "new" accusations that he received money from Saddam Hussein's Iraq through its oil-for-food programme. Yet the only difference between the claims made against Galloway by the Daily Telegraph in April 2003 and a US Senate subcommittee this week was that they were based on (already published) documents allegedly retrieved from Iraq's oil ministry rather than its foreign ministry - and not, as wrongly claimed, that they covered different periods.

In all other essentials, the allegations made by the Senate committee are the same as those originally outlined in the Telegraph articles that resulted in Galloway being awarded £150,000 in libel damages and £1.2m in costs, though an appeal against the high court ruling in his favour is still outstanding.

During the case Galloway successfully rebutted every point in the Telegraph story that led its journalists to conclude that he had profited from Saddam's government. So it's hardly any wonder that Galloway has found himself repeating his former denials. **

To read this full, 'fair and balanced' article, which I can't recommend highly enough, click on the link at the bottom. Then, if you're genuinely interested in helping a much maligned man like Galloway, please email links to this blog, to as many friends as possible.

If certain vested interests still think they'll always have things their own way, they're wrong. When we all work together, ordinary/regular people like ourselves can give them a short, sharp shock.

So, if you're as sick of the slimy 'spinners' as "This Old Brit" is -- please pass this on. If you're sincere in your search for truth; if you're tired of our lousy leaders' lies; if you're determined to ditch both them and their dirt; if you're positively puking at all their propaganda; if your blood is boiling; if your convictions are matched by your courage -- please, act today.

Get those emails out, now! The Galloway-U.S. Senate, charade looms large. It's only days away. Please, let everyone know, in time. Forewarned is forearmed.

In anticipation, I thank you for your help. I'm sure many others do/will, too.

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